5 Life Hacks for a Long Distance Relationship

“Distance makes the heart grow fonder, their painful long absence makes your heart grow tender. However all the while, it seems as if the entire universe is conspiring to strike a thunder.???

If you feel like this, don’t fret, you are not alone. You are among the countless souls who are in Long Distance Relationships (LDRs), walking the tightrope of hope and trust, holding the baton of love.

People in LDRs are special, they have the ability to feel each other’s warmth through the LED screens, they know how to guess each other’s hushed emotions over a phone call and best of all, they make up their minds to be with each other, knowing deep within that one day, they shall reunite.

However, LDRs can scare the hell out of you, pushing you into the depth of loneliness, while making you feel sick on the sunniest days.

So, just like the physician with framed specs who gives you the best of medicines for your common cold, Wirally is here to tell you about 5 Life hacks that can help you not only remain sane but also enjoy your LDR.

1. ENJOY THE MYSTERY: LDRs have the potential to give you something which normal coochie cooing doesn’t. It brings an element of scintillating mystery between the two of you, it allows you to unexpectedly giggle mindlessly at absolutely ridiculous stuff. It also provides you an amazing opportunity to discover each other slowly, almost like sipping coffee, slowly, devouring its aroma and enjoying its subtle after effect.


2. STRENGTHEN THE LONGING: There might be moments when you lie down on your couch after switching off the lights and you take a close look at their picture on your phone. You would notice their faint dimple, the curl on their lips and your heart would be pounding with longing. At that precise moment, take your phone and write your exact feelings to them. Don’t wait, just pour your heart out in a mail or a message, don’t expect an instant gratification through a call, just write your heart out, kiss their photograph and sleep. What you will find the next morning would be magical.

3. PRIORITIZE TRUST AND OPEN COMMUNICATION: In LDRs, you might be tempted to enhance your detective skills by stalking your beloved on social media. You might skip a meal if you find them hanging out with good looking and cool people. You would even want to hack their accounts. But believe me, none of this would do you both good. Trust your partner and tell him/her that you do. Don’t fake it, trust them and be open in your feelings and ensure that both of you share a deep friendship.


 4. SAY NOT TO NAGGING: In LDRs, you might feel like nagging and ranting about everything. But trust me, after a while, if you both incessantly vent out your frustrations on each other, you might be tempted to find comfort with others. So don’t nag, if the other one does, comfort them so that the next time, there will be a role reversal.

businessman looking and screaming at phone on white

5. LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY: This life hack is for all. Just love the other one madly, if you do with all your heart, there are less chances that they would want to drift away. An LDR will be the ultimate test of your relationship, if you both can scale the differences during this, your relationship will bloom to its full glory, breaking all forms of inhibitions to reach a stage where you both can’t simply do without each other. Till then, take a deep breath and cherish each other.


A long distance relationship is a mix of anticipation and gratification, of waiting and wanting, of surprises and pleasures! It requires hard work, but bears great fruits!

Good luck! 🙂

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