5 Must Visit Drive-Ins In Hyderabad


Tiring day, busy schedule weekdays tho fed up ayyi unnara? Want to relax and enjoy monsoon season?? Relaxing place inka enjoying places mana Hyderabad city lo chala thakuvaga unnai, oka vela unna kuda ee places mana intiki dhuram ga untai. Half the time travelling lo ney finish avuthu untundi. But ee kalam lo trend marindhi busy inka tiring day ni friends meet up inka get-together lo enjoy cheyali antey most if they are preferring to hang out in Drive-Ins restaurants, these places are open and serve different types of food and desserts. Ee place lo lavish ambience, expensive menu inka dim lights undavu but these places are open areas with few food stalls, small table and chair to sit and relax the pleasant evenings. Ee places tho friends tho velthey chalu you will forget your outside tension world. So mana Hyderabad lo ee places chala unnai.! Meekosam 10 best Drive in places list down chesamu, check out this article.

1. Syala Drive-In, Road No 10, Jubilee Hills:

Drive-Ins In Hyderabad

Hyderabad city lo ee drive in one of the first and oldest. Ee drive in area lo eethara drive-ins ki compare chesthey koncham chinadi but this place serves some of the best food, dessert and drinks.

2. The Pavilion, Jubilee hills:

Drive-Ins In Hyderabad

CBI colony lo unna is drive in chala famous, with lot is space to sit and for car parking. Eekada dorikey prathi oka dish chala delicious ga untundi.

3. F5 Drive-In:

Drive-Ins In Hyderabad

Miyapur lo unna ee drive un chala pedhadi, Indian, South Indian, continental inka italian lanti anni cuisines dorikey drive in.

4. Car Khana Drive-In:

Drive-Ins In Hyderabad

quick service, nice ambience ee drive in city lo unna drive ins lo best ani chepochu. Ee place Banjara hills lo undi. Different exotic food menu range ni experience cheyali antey you have to come to this place

5. Kabara Drive-In:

Drive-Ins In Hyderabad

late night drives ki velali inka delicious food ni explore cheyali antey this the best place, eekada dorikey kababs, rolls are one of the best.