5 One-Pot Meals That You Should Try At Home For A Lazy Day

Having a lazy day?
Too much load at work?
We often face these, and on days we are tired, we just cannot bring ourselves to go through the whole process of cutting and then cooking. So, do we quit cooking or order from outside?
You have to stop right there and quit placing food orders on online portals. Cooking can be quite a task when you are tired or have no mood for it. So, here are 5 One-Pot meal recipes which will come handy when don’t feel like cooking!

1.One-Pot Dal Rice

Dal for most South Indians is not just any other food item. It is our comfort food and honestly, it is an emotion. And dal rice is super easy to make and you do not need varied ingredients for it too. The best part about this recipe is that it cooks in less time and tastes delicious.


2.Soya Chunks/Beans Pulao

Soya Beans or Soya Chunks are extremely rich in proteins. They are also good for immunity and have several nutrients and minerals. If you are looking for easy recipes then you must check this Soya Beans Pulao recipe. Made with onions, spices and your favourite herbs, there is no tastier option than this?


3.Sambar Rice

Now, when we say one-pot Sambar Rice, don’t confuse it with Bisi Bele Bath. Bisi Bele Bath is a traditional Karnataka dish and Sambar Rice or Sambar Annam takes its origin from the Telugu-speaking states. Loaded with vegetables, freshly ground spices, this recipe is a treasure and is definitely a must-try.


4.Tomato Peas Pulao

Wholesome, filling, nutritious and loaded with flavours, this Tomato Peas Pulao is a fun and simple recipe. The concoction of tomatoes, green peas and spices gives the dish, a nice balance of flavours. We are sure this is a great recipe that you can try for a lazy-day lunch.


5.Chicken Pulao

When we think of one-pot meals, we often remember comfort food or vegetarian meals. But ever heard or tried one-pot Chicken Pulao? Cooking biryanis or pulaos with meat can be quite a hassle. So, if you wish to save time and prepare scrumptious Chicken Pulao, then this one-pot Chicken Pulao is here for your rescue.


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