5 Popular Makeup Myths & Facts

Who doesn’t love make-up? Well, make-up is not only something that makes our face look lively but it also makes an impact on complete look. But most of us are unaware or wrongly guided about some make-up tips. So it is important to make sure that you are aware of the right way to apply make-up else it can ruin your whole look. Here we are talking about the most common myths about make-up and the real facts.

Makeup MythsMyth: Apply blush on your cheeks

Fact: We always hear that blush should be applied on cheeks but this is not necessary. As we grow older our skin tends to elasticity is lost and becomes dull. Therefore it is important to lift up your face look. For this, apply a shade of brown-pink blush on the highest point of the cheekbones using an upward sweep for a lively look.

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Myth: Applying shimmer on the corner of your eyes will make your eyes brighter

Fact: This is a common make-up error that we all do. But this is not applicable to everyone. If you are someone who has wrinkles under the eyes, then this is not suitable for you. This is because applying the shimmer on the corner of your eyes will definitely highlight your eyes but along with it this will also highlight your wrinkles and dark circles.

Makeup Myths

Myth: Bronzer should be applied to the skin areas exposed to the sun

Fact: Our complexion becomes a little pale as we grow older. Therefore, it is important to dust your skin with a bronzer according to your skin tone. Dark and shimmery powders will make you fine with lines and wrinkles. You can use a matte bronzer for beautiful skin. And a bronzer should be applied on your cheeks and up. 

Makeup Myths

Myth: Apply foundation on the face where it is necessary 

Fact: Foundation is often used to lighten and give an even tone to our skin. Also most of the foundations available in the market today give an all-natural look and can be used for the full face. Most of the foundations are infused with sunscreen and anti-aging components that will help in maintaining a healthy and young looking skin. If not applied on the entire face, it will form patches on the face later.

Makeup Myths

Myth: Mascara should be applied on the top and bottom lashes

Fact: Mascara does magic to your eyes. It changes the way your face looks. It gives your eyes a dramatic touch. But the fact is that mascara should be applied to the upper lashes only. Because applying it on the lower lashes will make your dark circles and under eye wrinkles more Prominent. So the next time you apply mascara, make sure that you do it on the upper lashes only to get that perfect eyes. 

Makeup Myths


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