5 Quick And Easy Pre-Work Out Meals

Athletes and Gym junkies are often worried about the food they consume and their diet. They are also looking for options to make their performance better. Food plays a vital role in this. You need good nutrition to perform better and nutritious, healthy food always helps you to recover after a nice workout session.

So, here’s everything you need to know about pre-workout foods.

Scrambled eggs and vegetables

Best Pre Workout FoodsPacked with high-quality proteins, scrambled eggs are a great source of energy. Most people would suggest you ignore the egg yolk, but you must consume the whole egg as the yolk is rich in amino acids. Add a few vegetables like capsicum, tomatoes and chillies to boost the flavour and your metabolism.

Peanut Butter

Best Pre Workout FoodsHigh in valuable nutrition, Peanut Butter is loaded with proteins and potassium. It improves a person’s heart health and blood sugar levels. Taking a spoon of Peanut Butter, right before your workout session improves your metabolism and helps you to workout in a better way.

Dry fruits/Mixed nuts

Best Pre Workout FoodsDry fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, they are also known for boosting immunity. Great sources of antioxidants, they help to better blood flow. Dry fruits are usually related to weight loss and how they are great as healthy munching alternatives to snacks. Go grab a pound of dry fruits before your workout for a high-intensity workout.


Best Pre Workout FoodsFruits are always great sources of carbohydrates. And, Apples are loaded with fibres which will keep you full and energetic throughout your workout. They also provide you with fluids, which will keep you hydrated.


Best Pre Workout FoodsSmoothie is everyone’s best friend when it comes to pre-workout foods. Take your favorite fruit of green vegetable and blend it with coconut oil and protein powder. Smoothies are hydrating, energy-boosting and super tasty. Also, liquids digest faster than solid foods, hence you won’t feel uneasy while working out.


Best Pre Workout FoodsIf you are looking for something more than a fruit or a snack, then a bowl of Oatmeal is your thing then. Perfect for morning workouts, they are filling and will give you an instant energy boost. Oatmeal is a classic, a mix of carbs, proteins and helps to prevent any sorts of muscle cramps.


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