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5 Reasons Why Kumari 21F is Bold and Beautiful!!


The understanding and thought Sukumar put into his production name ‘Sukumar Writings’ is enough to explain the intellect he puts into minute things. The opening credits itself gives you a feel that something amusing is coming your way. Kumari 21F, the first venture of Sukumar as a producer and to cut to the point, he has nailed it! Firstly, congratulations!!

Here are 5 reasons that tell you why Kumari 21F is hard-hitting, bold yet beautiful:


Kumari (Hebah Patel), a model is bold, confident and outrageous right from the time she appears on the screen proposing Siddhu (Raj Tarun) at her first sight. More than cute she is confident and bold as a regressive girl by herself. She speaks volumes on behalf of many girls in these times about the traits they encounter in this smart world, quite convincingly. She indirectly feels proud and frustrated about a guy asking her out for Rs. 500. Proud – that she is enough cool that atleast a guy got tempted seeing her. And frustrated – not because he asked her out, but asked for a less amount of Rs. 500 (because she feels she is worth more). This initial establishment of her character was a beauty and is enough to understand her mentality over the action. While she goes to any extent for her boyfriend from arguing with him on why he should love her, the other end also speak of her soft heart when her boyfriend almost fails to understand the maturity he requires by saying ‘Ne prema ni na prema ni kalipi nene premistha le’ (to Siddhu)


If Arya was what Sukumar had given as a debutant, Kumari 21F is what a matured and bolder Sukumar gave us now. Sukumar’s beauty in writing is shown through the way he keeps the characters interesting all through the movie. The fluctuations in emoting that Siddhu goes through when he comes down to Kumari’s home drunk or the point where he comes and hugs her from behind on the terrace simply tells the grip Sukumar has in understanding people. He didn’t just write a movie’s script, he has indirectly opened doors to the today’s youth in understanding your partner with an under current message of not listening non-sense from people around you. When you are walking out after the movie, you are in love with everyone in the film equally. Especially Kumari!!


Siddhu (Raj Tarun) is a character who suffers with insecurities in life, be it with his girlfriend or dad. He is a kind of guy who wants his girlfriend to be a virgin and hence goes under lot of turmoil of insecurities having a girlfriend like Kumari. But, there comes the test of your trust and belief in her. What you believe will be a truth and what you don’t will not be one. How is it going to matter in any way? Siddhu who struggles to understand this all through, emerges out stunning towards the climax. Baring the episode with another girlfriend (Madhu), Raj Tarun has come a long way from the time we used to see him on YouTube movies a few years ago.


While most of his work has been over shadowed by Sukumar, equal credit should be given to Surya Pratap for off pulling off this narration convincingly. Telugu cinema has always banked on safer subjects when it comes to play with the youth’s emotions. Getting even the raunchy romancing scenes aptly on screen without any cliches involved, Pratap did showcase his skills. Baring only those scenes involving Siddhu and Madhu (Siddhu’s other girl friend), which will easily surpass your mind after watching Kumari and her theories, was the only part not executed that convincingly. But, before we go judging on that, do you have the maturity in understanding to take up such subject and emerge successful?


Knowing the fact that DSP and Ratnavelu contributed to this movie for their friend Sukumar who ventured into production without taking a penny is itself such a sweet thing. Keeping that apart, Devi’s BGM was one the best we have ever come across off late and is a perfect muse to Ratnavelu’s lens. The credit of Kumari looking so pretty equally goes to Ratnavelu. He made the lower middle class locality look even classy protecting the art director’s essence with his magical camera. Devi known for his situation blending songs is bound to get the youth grooving to ‘Love cheyala vaddha…’ 

Bottomline : Just go and watch it! Go, right now!!

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