5 Reasons To Watch AHA’s #BFF – The Story Of 2 Girls That Portrays Adulthood In An Entertaining Way

#BFF – AHA present chestunna new digital OTT series. Youtuber and Bigg Boss fame Siri Hanmanth & Ramya Pasupuleti iddaru act chesina ee web series recent ga AHa lo release aindi. Already release aina Trailer cut ee series edo oka friendship and emotions of 2 girls ani clear ga ardam avtundi.

Aithe ee series trailer li unatte series lo same emotions and friendship ni carry chesthu oka decent digital show ga positive reviews gain chestundi. Recently we have watched #BFF and we have our own reasons to watch this series on AHA…

1. Exclusive Show For All Girls & It’s A Official Remake Of Hit Series ‘Adulting’

#BFF is an official remake of the Dice Media Series ‘Adulting’. EE series north digital space lo pedda hit for its connecting plot and performances. Entire series antha kuda oka iddaru millennial girls city ki tama ambitions kosam vacchi ela struggle aiyyaru and aa journey lo vallu face chese things antha kuda present gen generation girls ki nacchutundi.

2. The Ambitions, Struggles-Survival, Fun-Madness, Ups & Downs In Career, Friendship & Fights Overall The Story Of 2 Girl Besties

Anukokunda kalisina iddaru girls start chesina journey lo iddaru besties aipotharu and aa iddaru kalisi repsective goals ni achieve cheyadaniki ela struggle aiyyaru and survive avvadaniki vallu paade kastalu, the fun, booze, dance and naughty things, career lo ocche ups and downs…ila oka girl besties oje flat lo untu life ni ela lead chesaru anedi ee BFF.

Ivi anni vintunte are idi edo mana real life ki daggaraga unde anipistundi kadu…yes exactly this is what BFF offers you.

3. Story Of 2 Girls – Every Girl Can Relate To

Nithya(Siri) & Tara (Ramya) olay chesina characters vallu face chese things real life lo present gen girls relate aiyyela untayi. 5 Episodes mini series lo prathi episode, prathi situation and a characters emotions anni kuda girls ki connect avtundi.

4. Promising Cast & Worth Watch Performances From Siri-Ramya Duo

Youtube Fame Siri, Bigg Boss taruvatha sign chesina first series. And on other side Siri #BFF ga Ramya Pasupuleti chapa apt ga untundi. Iddaru kalisi Nithya & Tara characters ni own chesukuni chesaru they are show stealers ani cheppocchu.

5. BFF Ante – Best Flatmates Forever Kani??

BFF ani title vinagane Best Friends Forever anukuntaru kani ee series lo Nithya-Tara just Best Friends matrame kadu Best Flatmates Forever kuda. Kani…entha manchi friends aina vari madhyalo fights untayi…undali. And ee series best friends madhya kuda alanti situation vastundi…iddaru nee daari needhi naa daari naadhi anukune stage ki ostharu.

Kani mari appudu ‘Best Flatmates Forever’ title ki justification lenatte kada antara? Okay vatiki answers next teliyali ante Season 2 varaku agalsindhe.

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