5 Shankar Films That Are Sure to Make You Think!!

In Tamil, audience loves nothing but OBT – out of the box thinking!! Many new age Kollywood directors go with the concept of newness. Among them, few are an exceptional stand out. Every time they come, it’s a whole new shebang and nothing less!!

Director Shankar precisely falls into this category of film makers. His idea of adding something ‘new’ and ‘upgraded’, all with a typical moral story setting had worked wonderfully with the movie goers. Every time Kamal Haasan adjusted his cosmetic white hair extension while fighting corrupt Govt officials and every time Chiyaan Vikram delivered a scintillating rhetoric on the Nation – Audience went crazy and berserk, clapping to their favourite hero’s magnificent achievement against all odds.

Here are Five Shankar films that make you think about societal issues. The good and the bad. The right and the wrong. These films are unique in their own way, thanks to the ‘tech touch up’ that’s so Shankar’s a trademark.


5 Shankar Films That Are Sure to Make You Think!!1


The very first ever. Total action drama – never seen before on Tamil screens. People went feverish, moody and enraged with a touching concept about academic reservations in India. What the discrimination does to the forward castes as it lifts the backward sections. S Shankar had officially arrived on the scene, raring to go with his own finesse. Film’s music by Madras Mozart A R Rahman that causes goose bumps and a surprise guest dance number by Prabhu Deva; all of these were firsts to have been incorporated in a typical Tamil cinema.


5 Shankar Films That Are Sure to Make You Think!!4


Who can possibly replicate what Kamal Haasan has done in the year 1996, playing an old freedom fighter who is forced to get back in action because of the prevailing corruption? A strong social message blended in with some finest performances, hair raising twists and turns and the ultimate climax – Indian stands to be one of the greatest films ever made on Tamil celluloid. No question that the film was dubbed into several languages and heavily applauded by even the most rigid film critics.



5 Shankar Films That Are Sure to Make You Think!!2

Shankar came back to tell an authentic and possible story of what happens when a common man with rights gets to interact face to face with the Chief Minister and is forced to accept a ‘One day CM challenge’. Mudhalvan practically doused people with stirring thoughts about where India was headed. Why the Aam Aadmi was not fighting for his rights the way he had to and what happens once he does.


5 Shankar Films That Are Sure to Make You Think!!5


Perhaps this film made a promising career for Chiyaan Vikram. Too bad that he could not keep up the consistency later on. Anniyan is an action packed thriller with a strange saga. A central protagonist who suffers a multiple personality disorder and does good to the society with his bearing defects. Full of suspense and spine chilling twists, Shankar nailed the concept right inside the heads of people – there needs to be a lot done to transform India from a developing to a developed country.


5 Shankar Films That Are Sure to Make You Think!!3

Welcome to the Hollywood style technology, that too on someone like Superstar Rajinikanth. Presenting Rajini like a humanoid robot would have not even been a nightmare for many film makers. But Shankar capitalised on the rare idea completely. A smart move that combined a prevailing veteran hero with the latest of technology. Irumbile Oru Idhayam Mulaikkudo !!sang Rajini the Robot. Audience went frenzy, falling for his gadget version, hating his bad side and loving his genius. The film was a huge blockbuster in 2010 despite the fact that the concept carried great amount of speculation in terms of storytelling and execution.

Shankar continues to come back each time, to spellbound and mesmerize his audience.

Neengal Super Sir!! Take a Bow.

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