5 Things Android Phone Could Do Before the iPhone X


Epudu manam chustunna iPhone X lo unna anni features Apple kante mundu Android unnai but, avi anni one single phone lo lev, okkoka feature okko phone lo different vendors design chesaru.

Here are five things Android did first
1) Edge-to-Edge Bezel-less Screen
Bezel less Edge-to- Edge display ee Bezel diaplay first Android lone vachindi adhi kuda Xiaomi RedMi company design chesi Mi Mix ga release chesaru recently Mix2 2 kuda release chesaru.

So RedMi Mix did it first01 things Android did before iPhone X1 things Android did before iPhone X

2) Wireless Charging
Wireless charging kuda first Android lone launch chesaru adhi kuda Samsung Group nunchi Samsung Galaxy S6. So Samsung S6 did it first2 things Android did before iPhone X02 things Android did before iPhone X

3) Facial Recognition
Face Recognition ante eye movement and face read cheskoni phone unlock avtundi so almost idhi kuda Android a first design chesindi e phone kuda Samsung group nunchi Samsung Galaxy Note 7 lo launch chesaru, ante android lo face recognition eppati nuncho undi like Sony Xperia L Version 4.2 Jelly bean OS lo unde but later versions lo remove chesaru. So Sony and Samsung did it first 3 things Android did before iPhone X03 things Android did before iPhone X

4) Augmented Reality
Augmented reality manaki telsu facebook Oculas team e year f8 developers conference lo chupincharu like manam ekkada unna mana phone camera tho mana surroundings change cheskovachu like we can place any animals or friends or any others things in our videos or games, ee Augmented Reality kuda Android a lo Lenovo Fab 2 Pro lo launch chesaru. So Lenovo fab 2 pro did it first 4 things Android did before iPhone X04 things Android did before iPhone X

5) Selfie Portrait
Selfie Portrait ante previously iPhone 7 Plus dual rear camera lo manam DSLR lo Portrait background blur cheskoni person ne highlight cheskone feature launch ayyindi but now they made it for front selfie camera also like front selfie lo kuda portrait photos teesukonela undi but Android already done it on Huawei P10 with selfie Potrait. So Huawei P10 did it first 5 things Android did before iPhone X05 things Android did before iPhone X

These are the Five things which are already done developed and lauched but the worst part from Android is it is just an OS for many Vendors so vallu aa features anni different falgship devices lo use chesaru but there is no device in Android with all the features build in one Device.

And Better when compared to Performance and Campatibity iPhone X works so good with all the features.

Finally, it’s a Wrap see you soon with some more Tech things.
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