5 Types Of Cutting Boards Which Are Ideal For Indian Cooking!

What is a pre-requisite to ace your cooking game?
While techniques and procedures are extremely important, there are several other factors which influence good cooking. Utensils and cutting boards play a huge role. You can cook certain foods in certain utensils only. And a pro always knows which cutting board is the best to chop the ingredients. So, if you want to level up your cooking game, here are 5 kinds of chopping boards that you should know about, learn their pros and cons, and decide which suits you and your style of cutting the best.

1.Plastic Chopping Boards

1 Chopping BoardsPlastic chopping boards are inexpensive and are the most commonly used cutting boards at our homes. We are sure you have one of these too at your place. What makes these good, is their price and their availability. But plastic boards are often carriers of bacteria and are also prone to get damaged quickly due to the sharp edges of knives.

2.Steel Chopping Boards

2 Chopping BoardsChopping boards made with steel are widely accepted all across the country. They are super hygienic and are easy to clean as well. If you looking for something, that will last for a long period, then steel is your answer. But, they also have their share of cons. Since steel is hard, your knives might get damaged. Also cutting on steel boards often leads to unpleasant noise pollution.

3.Wooden Chopping Boards

3 Chopping BoardsWooden chopping boards are usually considered environmentally friendly as they are made with leftover wood. They are also renewable and since they are made with leftovers they also reduce wastage. With wooden chopping boards, you don’t have to worry about your knives, as they are nice with them. The major problem with a wooden board is that you need to be extra careful while cleaning them as wood absorbs water.

4.Glass Chopping Boards

4 Chopping BoardsGlass boards are usually fancy. They also look great on your shelves and cupboards. Cutting boards of these type are less likely to get knife marks or have remains of bacteria. They are super hygienic and do not infect your food. They are also easy to clean. But, glass boards are pricey and there is always a fear that they might break. Also, glass boards are slippery and there is always a chance that the knife might fall off from the board leading to injuries. So extra careful while using a glass chopping board.

5.Bamboo Chopping Boards

5 Chopping BoardsBamboo chopping boards are perhaps the most famous and the most used ones. If you are looking for something with a long lifetime, then nothing better than this. They are natural, resistant to water, are firm and make cutting vegetables and even meat very easy. They are also easy to wash and hence do not carry bacteria or diseases. But, their disadvantage is that their hard surfaces might harm the knives.

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