6 Body Hacks For A Better Life


Sometimes we just need to change our lifestyle to lead a better life. Alanti life hacks we are giving you today for a happy life.

1. Try to condition yourself to fall asleep quickly1 Body Hacks for a better life

2. Hold Your Breath Longer
If you try to do this by taking several short breaths in quick succession, you trick your body into thinking it has a larger oxygen supply giving you more time before your brain starts freaking out.2 Body Hacks for a better life

3. Try to remember data and solve problems in your sleep
The latest research em cheptundante, padukune mundu if you try to remember or solve data then you will get a good and healthy sleep.3 Body Hacks for a better life

4. Try to reduce Toothache Pain by holding an ice cube firmly on the v-shaped area between your thumb and index finger on the back of your hand can reduce toothache pain by around 50%.4 Body Hacks for a better life

5. In a bid to reduce the side pain when running, try to exhale when your left foot strikes the ground.5 Body Hacks for a better life

6. To improve your long distance vision, try to close your eyes periodically and take a deep breath when you are in front of the desktop.6 Body Hacks for a better life