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6 Creative Ideas To Reuse Old Buckets At Your Home


Mana intlo old buckets chalane untayi. Usually, vatini bayata padestuntam, but you can reuse them in more creative ways. So, we are sharing some ideas to reuse old buckets.

1. Outdoor Metal Drink StorageEither beaches or picnics ki vellinapudu you can use them as storage pieces. Only thing you need to do is painting them.

2. Bucket PlanterMe degara small size buckets untey, vatini planters ga use cheyochu. You can hang them.

3. Floral arrangementsTiny buckets ni intlo floral arrangements ga mana intlo jarige occasions ki use cheyochu.

4. Colorful BucketsDifferent sizes lo unna buckets ki koncham colours vesi neat ga dustbin aga kuda use cheyochu.

5. Storage OrganizationNot completely like dustbins, you can also use them as storage buckets.

6. Craft room storageMe stationary ni kuda organised ga unchukodaniki, you can use these tiny buckets.

7. LampsE buckets ni bedroom lo lamps ki oka base la use chesi, koncham fabric add chesi, you can create some beautiful lamps.

8. Towels bucketMe bathroom lo towels store cheyadaniki kuda e buckets ni use cheyochu. And also you can use them to keep laundry.

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