6 diet beliefs or myths that must be stopped now


Ee konni years lo Food industry chaala boom aindi. Daani valla mana bodies lo chaala changes kanpistunnay. Picking up weight is becoming very easy and daanini cut cheyyadam kosam chaal things try chestunnam. Andulo oka 5 habits are not really right!

1. Honey instead of Sugar1 diet beliefs or myths that must be stopped now
Manam use chese desserts lo or very chaala items lo honey ni use chestunam with a feeling that it is healthy and has less fat! Kani this is not really correct. Honey lo definite ga konni nutritional values untay that sugar lo undavu kani these nutrients are reaching our bodies only when we eat honey in its raw state. Honey ni vere denitho mix cheshna kuda daani nutritional value potundi. Moreover, honey ni high temperatures ki heat chesthe, daani chemical composition negative aipoyi mana health ki wrong effects istundi. Hence honey kante it is sometimes better to use bellam (jaggery), brown sugar or palm sugar or maple syrup.

2. Sugar takkuva cheyyadam means using sugar free substitutes!2 diet beliefs or myths that must be stopped nowAspartame is one substitute usually found in sodas and bakery goods. Deeni sweet content is 200 times higher than the actual sugar value. Kaani deeniki nearly 92 side effects unnay. This is one example of how bad sugar substitutes can be. Chaala mandi sugar patients use a lot of artificial sugar free tablets and powders and what not. Deeni vaalla mana health ki chaala side effects untay like urination problems, diabetic problems, intestinal problems and many more.

3. Egg Yolks are very bad to your health.3 diet beliefs or myths that must be stopped nowEgg yolks are rich in Vitamin A, D, E, K, B12. Ive kakunda it contains a lot of essential nutrients. T The cholesterol and saturated fat in animal foods like egg yolks are quite beneficial for your health. Basic ga edi tinna limited ga tinali and weight or body taggali ante workout cheyyadam is even more important.

4. Carbohydrates and fats are the same.4 diet beliefs or myths that must be stopped nowCarbohydrates and fats.. rondu manaki energy ni istundi kani they are not same. Carbohydrates break down as glucose which is used up as energy. Kani fats are broken down into acid molecules and cholesterol, where the blood carries them to different parts of the body for storage.

5. Fat free food is the best5 diet beliefs or myths that must be stopped nowThis is not right. Fats anedi chaala types untadi. Essential fats are good for yout body in limited amounts. Fat also helps regulate hormone production and it insulates and protects vital organs. Fat should account for about 20 to 35 percent of your calories.

6. Calories night time lo ekva effect istundi.6 diet beliefs or myths that must be stopped nowThis is partially true. Manam koncham early dinner lo tine calories are digested by the time we go to bed. Point enti ante.. day time lo tine calories are spent in the activity that we do all day long. Kani night time lo they are not spent as much. However, over all ga day motham entha calories tintunnamo adi chuskovali. Morning fat tinna fat eh night fat tinna fat eh.