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6 Easy Ways To Avoid Food Wastage


India lo traditions inka customs ki chala value eatham. Vititho patu manam food ki kuda chala importance estham. Usual ga mamanm food ni waste chesthey its like we insulting the food and the person who made it. Chala varaku daily basis’s lo cook chesina food apudu apudu waste avuthundi, excess cooking, extra salt unna food, intlo chesina food ni avoid chesi bayata thinadam valla intlo chesina food waste avuthundi. Ee leftover food leda avoided food ni waste aavakunda undali antey emi cheyali, here are some of the best tips to avoid food wastage.

1. Planning:

Food wastage ni control cheyali antey weekly inka monthly food plans chala important. Ee planning valla manam chala food items ni limited quantity lo konni food waste aavakunda chuskuntam.

2. Storing a few items in the fridge:

Chala varaku papulu, rawa, pindi lantivi bayata pedthey puru patey chances yekuvaga untai, eela chala food ni manam waste chestham kani excess amount lo unna ee products fridge lo store chesthey chalu, chala rojulu ee food items fresh ga untai.

3. Fist in first out:

This is one of the best process, epudu first konna vegetables inka unpack unna products nu first ye use chesi finish cheyali tarvatha kotha products ni use cheyali. Eela food waste aavadhu.

4. Expiry dates on products:

Expiry dates inka one or two months undi antey a products ni konadam avoid cheyali but oka vela ee products intlo unnai antey its an indication that use them within time and finish them but not to waste them till the expiry date.

5. New dishes with leftovers:

leftover food ni manam usual ha aythey dustbin lo vesi waste chestham kani did you ever know you could cook some amazing recipes with leftover foods.

6. Store food correctly:

Veggies, fruits inka pulses ni correct humid temperature inka containers lo store chesthey ee products chala rojulu varaku fresh ga untai.

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