6 Indian Dishes That Are Pretty Famous In Foreign


Indian cuisine is filled with bold and rich flavours that make diners go WOW! Ee taste and cuisine vere countries lo kuda famous autunnay. With the increasins Indian population in the US and other foreign nations, Indian cuisine ki kuda prominence ochindi. Ala mana tastes ni inspire chestu they have added to their menus a lot of dishes. Here are a few of them.
1.Curryindian foodsIndia lo chaala states unay. Prati state ki unna speciality prakaram they make a lot of curries with various combinations of spices. Ee spices ni inspire chestu, US lo oka standard combination pettianru to make curries that include vegetables or meat.
2.Chicken Tikka Masalaindian foodsThis is the most famous dish in India. Vegetarians have created this dish with Paneer. Kani the specialty of this one is that, Britain considers this as its national dish. Shock ainaru kadaaa… deeni origin manaki telidu kani British claim that it is their dish while Indians claim it the otherway
3.Goa’s Famous Vindalooindian foodsGoa lo prati okka restaurant lo you will find this dish with variations. America lo they make the same dish with Lamb and it has gained a lot of fans across the nation. They also make it with potatoes too which isn’t the traditional dish.
4.Naanindian foodsPrati okka Indian cuisine restaurant lo Naan lenidi menu ledu. America lo deenine Flat Breads ani kuda antaru.
5.Palak Paneerindian foodsThis dish has gained a lot of importance in America. Kaani vaalla variation is less spicy and they add good amount of cream into the gravy.
6.Samosas.indian foodsAkkada this dish is given 5-star restaurant importance. Mana daggara RIO Café ki teeselli chupiyyali asalu. The style of making this dish is somewhat similar in both India and US whereas some places make it with meat too.