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6 Reasons Why You Should Stop Eating Junk Food Right Away


Intlo entha manchi food unna; pizzas, burgers inka noodles thinakunda manam satisfy avvamu. Junk food had become an integral part of our life, entha ante avvi lekunda manam imagine cheyalemu. Kaani there is more than taste to junk foods, ivvi chala harmful mana body kosamu. Here’s why you must stop eating junk food immediately.

junk food1.Obesity

Obesity ku main karanam, junk foods eh. Junk foods ekuvuga thine pillalu ekkuva fats, carbohydrates, processed sugar inka thakuva fiber consume chestharu, which means roughly 187 calories.

2.Diabetes Soft drinks inka white flour vanti processed sugar consume chesinappudu body lo insulin levels perguthayi. Junk food ekuvaga thinte insulin levels rise ayithayi which prompts your cells to begin to ignore this important hormone, resulting in a condition known as insulin resistance. This results in obesity and type 2 diabetes.


Teenage years lo hormonal changes valla mood swings ekuvuga untayi which can be controlled through healthy diet. Since junk food lo essential nutrients undavu, it leads to depression among teenagers.

4.Affects brain function

Junk foods lo unna bad fat (trans fat), brain lo unna healthy fat ni replace chesi brain signaling system ni harm chesthundhi. Ee bad fat learning ability ni decrease chesthundhi.

5.Liver dysfunction

Junk foods lo unna high amounts of trans fats, liver lo deposit ayyi liver dysfunction ki dhaari theesthundhi.

6.Increases risk of cancerStudies prakaram high amounts of sugars inka fats unna junk food thindam valla there are chances of getting colorectal cancer. Inko study showed, men who ate junk food more than twice in a month had risk of developing prostate cancer.

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