6 Ridiculous Myths About Food That You Need To Stop Believing In

All these years we grew up believing that certain foods are bad for us and for our bodies. We’ve been told by our parents, doctors and even some healthy professionals that taking carbs and fats will have adverse effects on our health.
But, are all of those myths about food true?
Here are 6 myths about food that you need to stop believing in, right away.

1.Eating fats will make you fat

1 Food Myths BustedWe’ve been told all our lives, that eating fats will make us fat. Is it true? No it isn’t. Foods like Avocados, Olive oil, nuts are super rich in healthy fats. They are also essential to promote healthy functioning of many organs in your body. In fact, you need fats to get rid of the excess body fat. So, eating fats will not make you fat.

2.Fruits are healthier than vegetables

2 Food Myths BustedMost people consider fruits healthier when compared to vegetables. But, the truth is that vegetables are far healthier when compared to fruits. They are rich sources of various vitamins, minerals, proteins and healthy carbs. Most vegetables are weight-loss friendly. You can eat them any time of the day. On the other hand, fruits can be eaten only in the mornings and for snacks. Consuming them for dinners or after dinners, will add fat to your body.

3.Milk builds strong muscles

3 Food Myths BustedThis is quite shocking now, isn’t it? Our childhood was like about drinking cartons of milk for strong muscles. We were forced to gulp glasses of milk to build healthy immune system. But, is this true? Studies prove that excess intake of milk can result in less calcium in the bones.

4.Fruit juice cleansing is the key to weight loss

4 Food Myths BustedMost people believe that fruit juice cleansing for two-three times a week is the key to lose weight. They believe this will detox their bodies and will help in flushing out all toxins from the body. But, does fruit juice cleansing help in weight loss? No it doesn’t. It does help you lose weight, but only for short term. You will start gaining weight once you stop cleansing. So, it is important you choose nutrient rich foods to lose weight as they will produce long-term effects on your bodies.

5.Carbs aren’t good for you

5 Food Myths BustedThis is another myth which everyone grew up believing. We’ve been often kept away from foods that are rich in carbs assuming that they will increase the fat and cholesterol levels in the body. How true is this? It is absolutely false. Carbs are the major energy and fuel producers of the body. If ignored, most of your body organs, will fail to function. So carbs are a very important part of your nutrition.

6.Count your calories to stay fit

6 Food Myths BustedMost people count calories when they eat. They believe this is the only way to attain a healthier lifestyle and also the most effective way to lose weight. But, on a serious note, counting calories is super unhealthy. It is pure waste engaging yourselves in the number game. Some days our bodies need more food and energy than the other days. And, if you provide less nutrients, carbs, proteins and fats on those days, there are high chances that you will put on more weight.

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