6 Signs That Show You Are In True Love


I know many of us marvel at this thought. Sometimes instead of trying to define true love, we simply would like to know what we are experiencing at the moment are the signs of true love or not. If you are positive with any of the signs below, then probably you are falling in love. Check for yourself! 😉

You introduce her to your family and friends

1 - SidduWhen you’re in true love you wouldn’t like to keep it a secret. You would happily introduce her to your family and your close friends. You will also take an effort to make them like her and create a good bond among them.

Your priorities change

2 - PirorityYour priorities change when she holds that sweet part of your heart. Your love becomes your first priority and rest of the things don’t seem as important as they once were. You wouldn’t even be afraid to get distant with few people in the process. You stop flirting with others and show least interest in the opposite gender.

Public display of feelings

3 - FellingsYou wouldn’t be afraid of the fact what others think about your relationship. You would love to hang around with them. You like to attend parties and sit out together. You would go for shopping and movies without worrying much about the public opinion.

You start to think like a  couple

4 - CoupleDin’t get it ? Let me explain. Instead of you and me, you tend to think in the fashion of ‘we’. You start using the term ‘we’ when you’re in conversation with other people rather than expressing your feelings solely. You share your personal feelings and try to share her burden and love to help her in daily routine. Her problem becomes yours instantly. You incline to give your personal opinion and share your beliefs with her.

You feel content

5 - Feel ContentYou feel satisfied and start enjoying simple things in life. No matter how little things you do together you feel extreme joy in them. You cannot be angry at them for long and every minute of her absence seems like a decade for you.

Doing things for her

6 - Doing thingsYou start doing things which makes her happy even though you don’t usually like doing those. You remember a lot of things about her, what she likes and what she doesn’t. You tend to put lot of effort to make her happy. You wont mind leaving your personal stuff with her.

Finally you will be ready to do anything even if its risky to just put a smile on her face. If your going through these signs I am pretty sure you are in true love.

Good luck if you are smiling at the end of reading this article. 😉