6 Simple Things That Women Should Know About Men


Usually, ammayilu unpredictable and abbayilu predictable antuntaru, but sometimes, they are also unpredictable. Abbayilu ammayila gurinchi elagaitey telusukovalo, there are few things that every woman should know about man.

1. Prati ammayi laka abbayilu kuda senstive untaru. So, vala feelings ni epudu hurt cheyakudadu. Women should understand the situation before react. 1. Prati ammayi laka
2. Men usually like women who have some humor. So, try to develop it. 2. Men usually like
3. Sometimes abbayilaki that particular imaginary line gurinchi teledu. So, we need explain it to them. 3. Sometimes abbayilaki
4. Abbayilu andaru creeps kadu. 4. Abbayilu antaru
5. Vallu me prati picture like chesina or comment chesina. It doesn’t meet they are flirting with you. 5. Vallu me prati picture
6. And after any kind of party, if one of your friends asked you, ‘Can I drop you home?’ It means they want you to be safe. Not all guys are same.6. And after any kind of party