6 Things You Relate To If You Hate To Take Hospital and Medicines


Manalo chala mandiki hospitals anna a environment anna padadu and especially tablets. Chinapudu epudanna fever vastey injection and tablets vesukomu ani manam chesina gola antha intha kadu, so today we are going to share few things that people who hate medicines will definitely relate to:

1.Vellu tondaraga edanna problem unna open up avaru, ekada hospital ki teskeltaro ani. 1. Vellu tondaraga2.Inka baga jagrata unna vallu, asalu elanti problem or virus attack avakunda full precautions teskuntaru. 2. Inka baga jagrata unna3.If they got some viral fever or something, immediate ga internet lo home remedies vetikestuntaru. 3. If they got some viral
4.Ika asalu escape ayye chance leka, parents hospital ki tesuku veltey, inka antey injection cheyinchukonu ani racha chesestaru. 4. Ika asalu escape ayye5.Me friends evaranna hospital lo unna sare you sometimes try to avoid going there unless and until it is an emergency.5. Me friends evaranna hospital6.Tablets vesukodam biggest task meku. Avi direct vesukoleka you dilute them in water before you swallow them.6. Tablets vesukodam biggest