6 Tips To Make Perfect Eggs Every Time

Eggs are some of the most healthy foods in the world, they are full of protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, on top of that, they are also low in calories. Eggs are easy to make, but difficult to master, making a perfect can be quite hard as eggs are delicate and require a lot of attention while cooking, but with the help of these tips, you’ll be an eggcellent cook.

Use a Non-stick Pan

Non stick pans are absolutely crucial for cooking in general, and they are even more important when it comes to eggs, because they don’t get too hot and the eggs won’t stick to the pan, eggs are delicate, so using a non stick pan will help you a lot, you’ll have better control and your chances of making perfect eggs get higher.

Cook on low heat to prevent going brown and tough

To make eggs, you have to be patient and go low and slow, some people might like crispy and brown eggs, but they are not perfect eggs. For an egg to be perfect, it has to be soft and tender, eggs get cooked very quickly, so a low flame will give you more time to cook your eggs.

Use a strainer to make an omelette

Passing the mixture through a strainer will ensure that your mixture does not have any impurities and it will also prevent yours from going creamy. Some of the most famous chefs recommend this technique and follow this method.

Keep moving them constantly

Keep stirring your eggs as soon as they hit the pan, this will break down your mixture and make your eggs creamier and tastier.

Use fresh eggs for poached eggs, use a bowl to pour it in the water

For poached eggs, new fresh eggs work the best and they stay in shape, so while poaching it is always better that you use fresh eggs, also don’t pour the eggs directly into the water, the egg will scramble everywhere, instead use a bowl, add the into the bowl first, then you can add it to the water, this way you’ll have more control.

Use old eggs for boiling

This is because when you boil fresh eggs, they can be very hard to peel, by using older eggs, you can easily peel the shell off and eat those delicious boiled eggs

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