7 Actors And Their Signature Mannerisms


The moment we think of Rajinikanth, we imitate his signature salute with the same brisk moment in the hand. That has been totally owned by Rajinikanth and no one else can replace it. Similarly, every hero has got his signature mannerism that we completely relate only to them.

Let’s take a look at that signature mannerism of different heroes.

Mahesh Babu – That running1 - mahesh babuRavi Teja – The ‘LOL’ that he does2 - ravi tejaPawan Kalyan – Rubbing the neck depicting his anger3 - pawan kalyan

Venky – Finger Salute4 - venkyJr. NTR – Thoda kottadam5 - aadiRajinikanth – ‘Thalaiva’ Salute6 - rajinikanthBalakrishna – Meesalu Thippadam7 - bala krishna

Are there any other signature mannerisms that we forgot? If so please mention in the comments section below