7 Authentic Dishes From Telangana That You Must Eat Atleast Once In Your Life!

Telangana is a melting pot of different cultures. You can see a fine blend of Nizam and Telugu cultures here. And this fusion can be seen in their food too. We all are aware of Paya, or Boti curries, but ask a localite and they will tell you that Telangana cuisine is so much more than just that.
From Kudumulu to Makka Roti, here are 7 foods from Telangana that you must eat atleast once in your lives!

1.Uppadi Pindi

1 Favourite Dishes From TelanganaOne of the most iconic breakfast dishes from the regions of Telangan is Uppadi Pindi. It is a variant to your traditional Upma, but just better. It is made with raw or coarse rice rawa and moong dal. The combination for this is Aavakaya/pickle, a classic which everyone loves to eat for breakfast.

2.Fried Makka Atukulu

2 Favourite Dishes From TelanganaMakka Atukulu is a famous tea-time snack recipe in the Telangana region. This recipe is cooked with Makka Atukulu, peanuts and several spices. Jeera seeds, Curry leaves, ginger and garlic are fried with powder spices like turmeric powder, red chilly powder and chat masala. To this fried groundnuts are added and then Makka Atukulu are added and fried till they are crunchy. Served with Chai, you ought to check this combo!

3.Sarva Pindi

3 Favourite Dishes From TelanganaSarva Pindi is another famous snack in Telangana. In regions like Nalgonda, it is called as Tappala Chekka and in regions like Karimnagar it is famous as Sarva Pindi. This savoury item is extremely popular due to distinct texture and flavour. It is made with rice flour, peanuts and cooked in a round-shaped bowl or kadai. Crispy, crunchy and spicy, Sarva Pindi is a must-try item.

4.Ambali + Ulligadda

4 Favourite Dishes From TelanganaAmbali or Ragi Malt is made with Ragi. Millets have started to gain popularity as superfoods now. But, our humble Ambali has been the favourite in the state of Telangana. This is a cooling drink which also promotes weight loss. This dish is made by mixing ragi powder in water, and then cooling it down by adding butter milk or curd with few spices like cumin and jeera powder. What makes it unique in Telangana is that, the Ambali is always sevred with an onion. A delicious combo if you ask us.

5.Atukula Bellam Tea

5 Favourite Dishes From TelanganaFor most Indians, chai is not just a regular drink. It is an emotion and we honestly cannot do our days without a piping hot cup of tea. In the Telangana region though, there is a tiny twist they add to their chai. Their chai is mixed with Bellam and Atukulu or Flattened rice with Jaggery. This adds a unique touch to the tea and we suggest you try it in a local tea-stall atleast once.

6.Paala Kayalu

6 Favourite Dishes From TelanganaPaala Kaayalu is very famous snacking item, not just in the regions of Telangana but also in the Andhra state. Paalakaayalu is a very simple dish and can be made with minimal ingredients. Tiny, crunchy balls made with rice flour and several spices, these nibblers are a great hit with the kids and adults equally.


7 Favourite Dishes From TelanganaTelangana, sure is a land of spicy food and unique snacks. But there are also several dessert and sweet options for those who got sweet tooth. Kariyalu or Kariyappa is a traditional sweet from the kitchens of Telangana. This sweet is also popularly known as kajjikayalu in Andhra Pradesh. This sweet is fried with generous stuffing inside. So, the sweet is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. There are several stuffing options including coconut, jiggery mixture, kova or dry fruits mixture.

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