7 Different Ways To Decorate Your Room With String Lights


If you want to make your room look beautiful and you just want to do that with simple lights, then you are at correct place. Here, we are going to give you some interesting and creative ideas to light up your room. What are you waiting for? Read it out to make your room comfy and romantic.

1. String the lights across your ceiling which makes you feel like you are looking at the stars in the sky.01

2. You can just simply hang them behind the fabric, in the backside of your bed.02

3. Use the lights as a decorative item for your gallery wall.03

4. Hang the string lights along with twinkling draperies that give your bedroom a romantic look.04

5. Place the string lights on your wall and stick photographs to that.05

6. Make something custom to personalize the walls of your bedroom. For example, make some wall art that lights up, and you can also send a message.06

7. Create contrasts in your bedroom with black string lights on a white wall. It gives an artistic look to your room.07