7 DIY ideas to make your winter decor looks expensive, but not


It is true that winter decors are expensive. So, e season manam illu decorate cheskovali antey, we need to spend thousands of bucks. But now we are sharing some DIY ideas to make your winter decor looks expensive but not actually.

1. Turn an old turkey into a classy planter.1winter-decor
2. Try to upgrade some old serving ware.2winter-decor
3. Prepare leaf garland as a decor.3winter-decor
4. Turn cheap plastic things into pretty place card holders.4winter-decor
5. Try to pick some pretty branches from your local park and paint them your favorite metallic color for a classy look.5winter-decor
6. Transform cheap buckets into customized chalkboards and use them as bars.6winter-decor
7. Use up-cycled luminaries for a room for a classy look.7winter-decor