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7 Foods that cleanse your liver naturally


Regular digestive issues inka gut problems valla liver pyna overload padi liver problems osthu untai. Body lo prathi oka part chala important kani liver mana daily function lo chala important role play chesthundi. Liver body inka blood lo unna, metabolizing alcohol, converting lactate into energy, activating enzymes, regulating fat, protein inka carbohydrate in the blood, body ki kavalsina essential vitamins, minerals inka glycogen ni store chesthundi. Basic ga liver lekapothey body regular function aavadhu, ee constant mechansim valla liver twaraga damage avuthundi. Usually liver cleanses itself. Liver cleansing process midnight start chesi body lo unna toxins ni bayataki pampadaniki ready chesthundi. That is why it is very important to eat healthy food for a healthy liver. Ee 7 foods enti ani anukuntunara ? Check this article.

1.Tumeric: Tumeric ni most powerful spice ani antaru, turmeric lo medicinal properties undadam valla liver cells ni regenerate chesi , liver damage nunchi protect chesthundi.
2.Walnuts: Walnuts lo body ki kavalsina amino acids untai, ee amino acids liver cleansing inka liver detoxification ki help chesthundi.
3.Citrus Fruits: Citrus fruits lo Vitamin C adhikham ga undadam valla important liver cleanser inka liver detoxifying enzymes production ni boost chesthundi.
4.Green tea: Green tea lo plant based antioxidants untai, ee antioxidants liver functioning ni assits chesi , liver fat accumulation ni eliminate chesthundi.
5.Green leafy vegetables: Liver ki bitter inka greeny leafy vegetables chala istam , ee greeny leafy vegetables lo liver cleansing propeties yekuvaga untai.
6.Fibre rice food: Fibre-rich foods body lo unna toxins ni eleminate chesi, bitter digestive tract functioning ki help chesthai.
7.Garlic: Garlic lo sulphur compounds untai, ee compounds liver ni support chesi, liver enzymes ni active chesthai, which are responsible for flushing out toxins and waste from the body.

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