7 Foods That Will Help You Recover Faster If You Are Sick

Recovering from an illness can be very tough, your body has to work extra hard to repair and rebuild itself. Any type of illness can cause a loss of appetite, leading to depleted nutrients and weight loss. During this time, you have to be careful about what you eat as it can make things better or make them worse. Adding certain foods in your daily diet can help speed up your recovery significantly.

Chicken Soup

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Chicken soup is great when you are sick, it has been recommended as a remedy for the common cold for hundreds of years, Chicken soup is full of vitamins, minerals, calories and protein, which are nutrients your body needs in larger quantities while you’re sick. It  also an excellent source of fluids and electrolytes which are required by your body if you have a fever.


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Bananas are a great food to eat when you’re sick as you can easily chew them and they are bland in flavor, they also contain good provide a good amount of energy and nutrients. Another amazing benefit of bananas is the soluble fiber that is present in them, which can help you if you’re suffering from diarrhea, as they relive diarrhea

Coconut Water

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Keeping yourself hydrated is very important when you are sick as you sweat a lot or have diarrhea which can cause your body to lose a lot of water, Coconut water can help you in this, it contains glucose and the electrolytes needed for re-hydration. It also contains antioxidants that can fight oxidative damage and may also reduce blood sugar levels.


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Honey is an excellent choice if you’re down with a fever, It contains potent antibacterial effects, likely because of its high content of antimicrobial compounds. It can easily cure a sore throat, and it also boosts immunity, you can even apply it on wounds as it has antibacterial effects.


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Oatmeal is full of calories, vitamins, minerals and is easy to eat when you’re sick. Oatmeal has some other powerful health benefits, including stimulating the immune system and improving blood sugar control. According to one study, oatmeal can also help you reduce bloating and diarrhea.


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Eating curd can be very helpful, if you are suffering from illness as it is rich in calcium and full of essential vitamins and minerals, curd also contains beneficial probiotics which help you recover faster when you are sick. Curd also helps in digestion as it feeds the good gut bacteria, thus helping you if you are suffering from constipation


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Garlic has been used as a medical herb for centuries, studies have found that people who consumed garlic got sick less than people who didn’t. Garlic fights bacteria, viruses and stimulates the immune system. It helps you avoid illness and recover faster when you get sick.

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