7 golden rules to buy flight tickets for cheap!

    • The 60-day rule: look for your flight no sooner (or later) than 1.5-2 months before the trip.1 - August
    • Buy tickets on dates from mid-January until early March.
    • Try to purchase your tickets on Tuesdays from 2 to 4 pm.2 - Tuesday
    • Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons are the times of the lowest flight ticket prices.
    • If you’re planning a weekend flight, it’s best to buy your tickets on a Friday night or during Saturday.
    • Hidden City feature :
      This one is well known to experienced travelers: they hide their destination in the middle of the route.For example: If you need to get to Istanbul, don’t rush to book a direct flight. Sometimes, a flight to Rome with a transfer at Istanbul may be much cheaper.3 - Flight
    • 24 hour rule :After you book, check the next morning to see if the price of your airfare fell. If it did, give the airline a call to cancel your flight and often you can re-book without penalty.   4 - Flight Booking

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