7 Interesting Bytes Of Chiru That You Should Know


Chiranjeevi has always been bench-marked as the biggest star in the Telugu Film Industry after NTR. With his graceful dance moves and stylish fights, he re-defined the image of a commercial hero in Telugu cinema. As years passed by, he kept expanding his boundaries with each film he did. Connecting with his fans by calling them ‘thammulu’ (brothers) was an over whelming recognition for his fans. It is believed that Chiru had the biggest fan base any Telugu Star has ever had. There are many such unknown and interesting facts of the Mega Star.

Here have a look at some of Megastar’s interesting facts. And no, we are not talking about his political career here. They cannot be called interesting. 😉





The Return of thief of Baghdad

Chiranjeevi's Favorite stars


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