7 kinds of People You’d Totally Find In A Club…….!!

When you go to a club, apart from enjoying and dancing, we do notice the other people sound. And what fun that is! There are so many different kinds of people there. And I’m not just talking about the drunk people, there are others as well! Let’s have a look at the list!

The Drunk People

c1Let’s just get the obvious out of the way. You’re at a club, people are going to be drunk, and they’re gonna be there everywhere. A lot of swaying, puking and drunk talk will happen.

The Dancers

c2The people who have come to the club, just to dance. These  people could also be called non-alcoholics and let’s face it, what else can the person do? Not complaining! Really! I for one think that’s an amazing way to spend the evening, just being in your senses and dancing away to the music!

The Sitting Type

c3These people come to a club, just to sit, not wanting to step to the dance floor. Maybe they are the lazy type, who knows, but what’s the point of coming to a club and not dancing!

The Checking Out Type

c4These people have to know what’s going on around them! They’ll keep checking out the people around them, who’s doing what, wearing what, is something they have to know. They are the nosy people.

The Tag-Along Friends

c5Now, when you wanna go to a club, of course you can’t go alone, so you’re gonna have a tag along friend. Now this friend is going to be distinguishable, coz that person is gonna be with you the entire time, coz possibly, that person knows no one else there!

The Depressed Souls

c 6These guys are here to drown their sorrows away, literally. They have good friends though, it’s they who got that person out for a night and of course a night out with friends does help!

The Shy Type

c7It’s possible that these people have come to the club for the first time, so they start out shy, but once the music starts flowing, they forget everything and it feels like they own the place!

So there you go! These are some of the people you’ll find in a club… do let me know of any others you think of! 

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