7 Advantages of dating a short girl


Ammailu anni shapes lo, sizes lo and anni lengths lo unaru. In whatever thing they are, andaru beautiful eh. But konni sarlu short girl me friends list unna, or meru date chestuna, konni special advantages untayi. So, check out the perks of dating a short girl.

1.It is always the best feeling to hug her. dating2.Tanu me meda arustuna kopadutuna, meku chala sarlu kopam radu and you really find it funny. dating3.Short girls are funny people. She always makes your bad day a good one with her acts. dating

4.She is easy to hold and carry. dating5.She completely looks like a kid and even she is a child at heart. dating6.Even though she is small, she will make you awe with her energy and confidence. dating7.If you a romantic person, then you can help her to get the box from the upper shelf.7 - Arjun Reddy