7 problems only left-handed people will relate to


Let’s face the reality, nijangane ee prapancham lo left-handed people survival anedi chala kashtam. According to studies, only 10% of the population are left-handed anta. Basically intha thakkuva ratio undatam valla, manam veellani naturally ignore chesthu untam. Manam daily use chese simple things like scissors, keyboards lantivi kuda complicate aypothay. Ivanni pakkana pedithe, lefties are said to be multi-taskers and smarter than others anta.
So, let’s look at the problems only lefties can understand!!!
1.College lo benches unte no problem, ade porapatuna writing desk undi ante anthe ika. Daanni ela adjust cheskovalo artham kaadu, right hand tho rayadam emo chethakaadu. Soo annoying…….left handed2.Restaurants lo eppudu glasses right side ee pedatharu, kevalam deeni valle enni sarlu vere vaalla glass lo water thagesuntamoo. left handed3.Normal books ante edo oka laga fold cheso, nalipeso, chimpeso raskuntam, but ee spiral books ni em chesina rayadam kudaradu.left handed4.unde irritation saripovu annatto, ee janala stupid theories okati – ‘Left-handed vaallu normal vaalla kanna 9 yrs munde chanipotharu anta kada’left handed

5.Eppudaina ekkadaina, left hand tho edaina andukunte chaalu- ‘Oh nu left handed aa???’ ani deergalu thesi mari adugutharu. Adedo aliens aynattu.left handed6.Elbow battles are really hard things to deal with. Anduke we will be very choosy before sitting next to anyone.left handed7.Once in a while evaraina oka personality kuda leftie ne ani thelisinappudu aa excitement ee veerappa…..left handed