7 Reasons That Prove “Kabali Teaser” Is The Most Amazing Trailer To Come Out This Year..!!

The much awaited teaser of Thalaivar Rajinikanth was released yesterday. Fans from across the globe waiting with excitement for the clock to strike 11 and took onto the mission of making YouTube reach the verge of crashing.  One million views in an hour, and all this for a teaser. Rajinikanth is indeed the Thalivar for a reason! ( Fans Even Made An Interstellar MashUp Of Kabali Below )

It Gave Celebs A Fan Boy Moment:

Dulquer Salaman, Directors S.S. Rajamouli, Karthik Subbaraj, Balaji Mohan, actor Dhanush, Sivakarthikeyan, were among the few star stuck people to commented about the how they were left spellbound watching the teaser.

Rajni’s Gangsta Intro:

Neruppu da (he is fire) that plays as the super star makes an appearance on the screen gave his fans a nostalgic Basha moment.

Goosebumps From Start To Finish:

 As the demigod walks down in a grey suit to a press conference where he’s asked about his decision to become a gangster, he simply laughs and that expression will send a chill down your spine.

Broke All YouTube Records So Far:

4,968,559 that’s the views the teaser managed to get in just the official channel in less than 24 hours. Beat that! Because Macha Kabila Daa..!!

#KabaliTeaser Trends:

Not a single social media platform was spared as fans went on to post about the teaser

Thalivar in the retro look:

There would hardly be a soul that did not feel a heartbeat skip when Thalaivar was seen in the retro look. Add to it the reverberating beats of the BGM.

Kabali Da!

Picture this dialogue being delivered in all style and intensity by the Super Star. Enough said!

In the end there is only one word that could describe the entire teaser and our feels- “Magizhchi.” 😉


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