7 Reasons Why 90’s People Are Gaga Over Disney Classic ‘The Lion King’

‘The Lion King’ few hours back Disney release chesina ee animated series trailer gurinchi ippudu antha okate discussion. Yes ee trailer chusina taruvatha maa friends group lo kuda discussion like Simba is back, Thank you Disney antu internet lo ee topic ee trailer trending lo undi. Summer 2019 lo release avtunna ee movie kosam kids emo teliyadu kani oka 25-30 age group unna adults antha ee movie kosam eager ga wait chestunnaru

Why some adults especially 90’s people are excited about ‘The Lion King’

Enduku ante 1994 lo Disney vallu release chesina ee animated series appatlo oka sensation. Story is all about Mufasa the lion king and aa legacy ni continue chese young lion ga Simba unde ee animated fantasy story ni kida and adults ane difference lekunda andariki nachesindi. And almost after 25 year ippudu ee animated series malli technical ga update ayyi maro sari 2019 lo release avtundi.90’s lo vachindi kabatti appudu chusina varu antha ee classic kosam malli eager ga wait chestunnaru.

Here 7 reasons why 90’s people is gaga over “The Lion King’.



90’s lo release chesina ‘The Lion King’ lo mana andari first love ee elder lion.

2. Simba is LOVE


Little cub and his heroics, saving the kingdom from evil Scar and friendship with.

3. Timon & Pumbaa

3-Timon and pumba

The best duo and Simba love and friendship with this duo is just lub.

4. Simba And Nala !

4-simbaa and nala

Arguably the greatest love story the animal kingdom has ever witnessed

5. Pumbaa Farts

5-Pumba farts

First and only character from Disney, that always farts at audience LOL.

6. Scar


Yes undoubtedly Evil Scar is the greatest villains of all time. Folks let’s wait to witness the epic evilness and villainism.

7. Mufasa Tragedy

7-Mufasa tragadey

Even though adi animated character we everyone gets emotional while watching Mufasa death. NOOO !

Movie lo some extraordinary and tremendous characters, iconic scenes, fantasy story ni match chesthu vacche memorable music, ila ivi anni ee movie ni classic ni chesayi. Simba magicK lo chudali ante summer varaku agalsinde.

XOXO to Simba !

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