7 Summer hairstyles for men inspired from our favorite actors


Summer calls for a free lifestyle in the form of clothing and grooming. Intha endalo full heavy ga hair and dressing unte chiraku osthadi andarki, so we try to keep things simple and classy! Here are a few hairstyles for men that will make summer stylish and comfortable too.


With the sides trimmed off considerably, it is extremely comfortable and totally stylish. Try this one out, you guys out there.


He is one hero who has been an example of immense transformation and hard work. His faddy look was loved by all and is definitely summer-friendly.


He has had an exemplary career in films and is still continuing to inspire people with his style. Let us take a little of it from his short hair with a shabby-yet- cool look complimented by a perfectly shaped beard.


This man is the talk of the world with the kind of performance in Bahubali. But that is not done yet. He has tried different looks in attires and hairstyles for all his movies so far and what we found absolutely stylish and cool for this season is his short hair followed by a clean shave and little cool side locks!


He appeared in a whole new transformed avatar, with a toned body and short gelled-up hairstyle. This is definitely up for this season.


He is another actor who is continuously surprising us with his skill and talent and is not letting his fans down. When it comes to style, he has been a heartthrob for many many people. taking one of his hairstyles from SVSC is a simple yet elegantly stylish one and is something to try out this hot season.


Spiked up and gelled hairstyle perfect not just for his cop role but also for all the men out there in this heated season.