7 Things every girl wants to do with her BFF before getting married



Marriage anedi oka ammai life lo chala changes tesukostadi. Before and after marriage chala different ga untayi and one should accept it. Ammailaku konni adventurous things or funny things pelliki mundu tana bff tho cheyalani dream untadi. So, check out the life of things that girls usually want to do with her bff before getting married.

1.Atleast one road trip.Avunandi ammailu tana girl friends tho one trip ki velalani chala plans chesukuntaru. It’s like one of the biggest dream annamata.girl wants2.Konni adventures cheyali anukuntaru. Like paragliding, scuba diving, and edanna chinna robbery. Some crazy things cheyali anukuntaru. girl wants3.They want to get some matching tattoos, vala friendship ki gurtuga. girl wants4.Chinapatinundi, school or college life nundi mana life lo valatho ekadinundi journey start ayindo akkadiki velli, malli a memories ni gurtuchesukovalanukuntam. girl wants



5.We always plan to stay with our bff atleast for a week in her apartment, when she is staying in some other place. girl wants6.Some fitness classes or dance or music class join avali anukuntam. Atleast nerchukodaniki try cheyalani anukuntam. 6 - aarthi7.Wants to do some shopping and spa together. 7 - Raja Rani