7 Things Girls Do But Guys Hate The Most


Epudu girls eh kadu, boys kuda do hate few things, that girls do the most. Vallu chepdam ani try chestaru but chepaleru. Girls this is especially for you, do check out:

1. Nagging1Girls-Do-But-Guys-HateGuys hate it when a girl nags on them too much. He wants his own space.

2. Taking too long to get ready2Girls-Do-But-Guys-HateYes, I do accept it is not easy for a girl to get ready in few minutes, but guys hate it the most if they take much time to get ready.

3. Not eating3Girls-Do-But-Guys-HateBecause of the parameters set by the society and to be skinny, girls do not eat properly all the time. Guys might find this annoying because they’ll think she’s being unhealthy on purpose and can’t take care of herself.

4. Getting mad at them for no apparent reason4Girls-Do-But-Guys-HateGuys hate it when girls get mad at them and they don’t even know why.

5. Oversensitivity5Girls-Do-But-Guys-HateMen hate it when women are oversensitive about things.

6. Checking phones6Girls-Do-But-Guys-HateIt is the most irritating thing for them. They don’t like someone to keep an eye on them especially his girlfriend.

7. Crying/Pretending to cry7Girls-Do-But-Guys-HateCrying is an attempt to automatically vilify the man regardless of how justified his position may be. So, guys feel that it is the not the solution for everything.