7 Things iPhone Apple Users Can Do That Android Users Can Only Dream Of


Ee Article kevalam Comparison matrame Apple ne paiki lepinattu kaadu, Android ne kinchaparichinattu kaadu, rendintini compare cheste ee 7 things Apple lo best. I am a big fan of smartphones and gadgets and i Love Android because Google Open source kabatti anni features ne free ga experience cheyochu but i am an iPhone user because entha love unna Experience cheyyadaniki baguntai kaani when it comes to Security, user friendly and fast access iPhones are Cool anduke nenu iPhone use chestanu instead of Android.

Here are 7 things that iPhone users can do that Android users only dream them because single lo line lo cheppochu, iOS run by Apple and iPhone ante Apple nunchi matrame vastundi so perfect Gadgets ne lauch chestaru but Android ala kaadu its an Open Source and there are many mobile manufacturers based on Android so vallu Software meeda and Hardware meeda antha concentrate cheyyaru anduke Android antha Perfect ga undav.

For iPhones Age is Just a Number, but for Android Age is an end to their OS
1) iOS Apps Beats Android Apps by a Mile2 - App Store

Manam use chese major apps like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Facebook Mentions, Games like Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Candy Crush and many apps first iOS lone launch chesaru and because coding an iOS App is easier than Android Coding and Making Money for App developers also more on iOS when compared to Android recent ga chusthe Prima Photo Filters App kuda first iOS lone launch chesaru after two months Android App develop chesi launch chesaru and ekkada iPhone users Android users kanna munde anni experience chestaru.

2) It is Simple to Use3 - phone

iPhones use cheyyadam and functionality andaru kastam anukuntaru but when compared to Android, iPhones functionality chala easy ga untundi and first iPhone 3 nunchi eppuduna iPhone X daaka anni Same UI/UX

Android phones ni chuste meeke ardam avtundi different vendors nunchi mobiles launch avtai so vallu istam vachinattu UI ( User Interface ) ne develop chestaru, same company phones a oka phone UI unnatu inkoka phone undadu so people might fall in confusion when
they got new Android phone, but when it comes to iPhone people can easily access through all the iPhone Series.

3) Instant Update to All iPhones4 - ios 11iOS developers oka update release chestunnaru ante max anni iPhones ki updates okaesari velthai and Update period kuda chala ekkuva untundi ante iPhone 5S 2013 lo Lauch ayyindi ippatiki 4 years but still getting updates.

Android lo chuste max 1 year Update Support untadi and adhi kuda latest flagship devices ki matrame first release untadi later old devices ki ivvala vadda ani release chestaru.

4) iPhones are more secure than Android5 - Finger Print

First Finger Print unlocking technology iPhones ke vachindi and Security ki amma mogudi iPhones aah locking system inka iCloud security and Apple iD okayi kaadu anni arachakam, iPhone lost ayna vere vallu use cheyyaleru because apple ID lock avtundi, iCloud lock avtundi ivanni unlock chepinchalante min 10K avtundi mamulugu iPhone factory unlocking ke 5-10k avtundi Country change aynapudu so Security ka baap ee iPhones When it comes to Android chala easy store or mobile service centres ki velli 500 isthe phone ne factory reset chesi cheyilo pedtaru.

5) Less Ads on iPhones6 - Ad Blocker

iPhone Apps lo ekkuvaga Pop up ads or any slides ekkuvaga undav because iphone apps approval chala hard ga untundi and one app store lo lauching ki $100 avtundi so konchem ads takkuvuga undela chustaru developers and lock screen Ads aslu undav Android lo chuste recent ga Lock screen meda kuda Ads vastunnai, aa ads remove cheskovalante separate ga money pay cheyyali, porapatuna aah ads click cheste manake bokka telecom networks nunchi baadudu.

Android owner Google ani andaru anukunk Android eppatikaina baguntundi ani andaru anukuntaru but Google Apple kosam ekkuva work chestundi Apps kosam, iPhone lo Google Apps anni best UI and Functionality tho design chestaru and the apps from Google on
Apple iPhones are so flexible and goes Smooth.

6) Performance1 - Performence

Apple iPhone performance cheppadam avsaram ledu andariki telsu evvala Apple 3, 3GS, 4, 4S ne use chesina same speed and same user experience konchem kuda change kanipinchadu, erojuki kuda 2011 lo vachina iPhone 4S chala mandi use chestunnaru iPhone 5S 2013 lo release ayyindi eppatiki chala mandi ee phone ne use chstunnaru 4 years nunchi eppatiki no lag in working, performance konchem taggadu meru iPhone 5s or 4s user aythe Comments lo me experience share cheyyandi.

When it comes to Android we cant find same performance oka phone 1 year aythe daani speed working mode anni change avtai, inka Samsung phones aythe pakka Hang avtai, Lenovo epudu click cheste repu open avtai okati kaadu anni Android phones alane behave chestai because Android phones ki OS ki short life and lesser cost chipsets use chestaru.

7) Best Camera Ever7 - Camera

Camera ippudunna Android Flagships and iPhone flagships ne compare chesi clearer and updated best Camera iPhones lo experience cheyochu latest Augmented Reality AR in iPhones, best Pixels and 1080p and 720p video with 60 FPS ( frames per second ) best camera fliters and effects and a real HDR image you can experience on iPhone but Android phones cant give the same experience which yiu got in iPhones where Android phones lo kuda best Camera features unnai kaani compare cheste best Quality you will get from iPhone Ikkada Android waste ani nenu cheppatledu when it comes to Open source Android always beats Apple iPhone by a Mile adhi anthe.

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