7 Things People Will Understand Who Are Always Late


Prathi batch lo oka friend untadi, who is always late. Even entha early ga ready ayyina time ki destination matram reach avvaru. Entha serious situation ayina veella time bagoka apudu kuda late avtaru. E article katchitamga late comers baga connect avtaru. Check it out:

1. Me friends andaru decide apotaru, if they want to plan something with you, exact time kakunda danikante mundu chepali ani.1 - Srinivas Reddy

2. You probably apologize more than most people.2 - Genelia In Bommarillu3. Asalu meeru cheppina anni excuses evvaru chepparu me friends batch lo.3 -Nikhil4. Chala sarlu try chesi untaru meru clock timings marchadam and actual time kante koncham fast pettukodam, atleast time ki reach avvochu ani, which doesn’t happen ofcourse!4 - Siddharath5. Snooze button is probably your best friend.5 -Samantha6. You always wait outside the class for coming late.6 - Anyaanthara

7. Epudanna edanna time ki chestey, you feel like you achieve Oscar.7 - Bunny