7 Things Women Observe In Men At First Sight


Usually, Love at first sight ani manam vini untam, but epudanna looks at first sight ani vinara? Ade andi, manam first time evarinanna meet avtuntey, we observe few things, so today we are going to discuss few things that women observe in men at first sight.

1. Hairstyle1.-Hairstyle

2. Attitude and the way you are behaving2.-Attitude-and-the-way-you-are-behaving

3. Your dressing sense3.-Your-dressing-sense

4. Eyes4.-Eyes

5. Your Hand Movements and the way you are responding to their questions5.-Your-Hand-Movements

6. The way you are sitting6.-The-way-you-are-sitting

7. Your Lip Movement7.-Your-Lip-Movement