7 Ubercool Reasons To Watch The Movie Chi La Sow


Tollywood lo average ga every month, oka dozen ki paiga movies release avtuntayi. Konni movies teaser or trailer cuts ela untayi antey avi chusi audience ventaney bookmyshow lo tickets kosam wait cheseyla untayi. Teaser eh ila undi cinema ela untundo ani movie ki velli audience disappoint aiyyina movies 70% untayi. But, recent flick Chi La Sow? is not that kind of movie i must say, in fact teaser or trailer lo chusina dani kanna ekkuva content, comedy, music, emotion undi ee movie lo.

Yes, Chi La Sow?, movie created lot of buzz right from the beginning after teaser got released. Chocolate boy image unna hero Rahul Ravindran, debut director ga maari ee movie tisadu. Ee movie ki adorable couple Chai-Sam enduku antha promotions chesaro miku ee movie chusaka definite ga ardam avthundi.

Before, you’re going to book tickets check out the list of reasons why you need to watch Chi La Sow?

1. You’ll Never Expect This Kind of Stuff From Hero Turned Director Rahul Ravindran.1 - director

Yes i mean it, general ga hero background nundi vacchadu kada edo general story tisi untadu ankuntaru. But just one day lo jarigey beautiful love story he narrated with simple dialogues, some particulars, situational Comedy & Lots of sensibilities.

2. Sushanth’s Best Performance and Movie till date.2 - susanth

Undoubtedly, this movie is Sushanth’s career best in terms of story, his performance, settled expressions, etc, etc., Ipppudu unna confused younger generation ni sushanth charcater tho relate cheskovachu.

3. Heroine, will be a new crush in the town.3 - heroine

Ruhani Sharma, ea mataki aa mata.. she dominated all the characters in the movie with her screen presence and acting. Independent girl la, the way she played her character is just like girl next door.

4. Sensible and Crazy Comedy For Sure.4 - comedy

Vennela Kishore situational comedy, hero heroine madya vache sensible comedy will bring smile on every audien face. Highlight enti antey climax antey ney complicated but climax kuda crazy comedy tho end chesaru.

5. Fresh and Breezy Background Music by Prashanth R Vihari Will Make You Stick to chairs.6 - climax

Movie mottham major ga just 3,4 characters madhya drama, main ga hero heroine. So lead roles madya vacchey comic, romantic, emotional ila anni scenes lo vacchey BGM is apt and asset for the movie. Movie lo unnadi takkuva songs ea but situational, Mellaga Mellaga soothing melody is just awesome.

6. Simple Yet Superb Climax In Recent Times.7 - family

Konchem serious ga start aiyye ee movie climax lo heroine oka dialogue, and aa tarvtaha hero tiskunna sudden decision, hero parents ki icchey surprise twist tho manam movie ela fun ga start chesamo alagey fun tho bayataki vastham.

7. Last but not least, you can happily watch this movie with your family.

So, finally Chi La Sow movie onetime watch kadu must watch for all age groups.