7 Ways To Get Rid Of Your Smartphone Addiction

Note: Previously “9 Symptoms That Prove You’re A Smartphone Addict”, article relate cheskuney phone piccholla kosam mobile addiction tagginchukuney tips konni only for you people.

1. Except for calls, use mobile at certain times.

Get Rid Of Your Smartphone Addiction

Vinadaniki konchem ibbandiga unna, addiction taggali antey first follow kavalsina main tip idey. Keep your smartphone in flight mode instead use a normal phone for communication.

2. Turn Off Notifications

Turn Off Notifications

FB lo friends mention tags, whatsapp lo hours paiga group conversations mute lo pettadam, email notifications lanti vatiki first fullstop pettandi. Notifications turnoff cheyadam mobile ni urikey check cheskuney habit taggutundi.

3. Quickly delete unncessary apps from your mobile.

Get Rid Of Your Smartphone Addiction

Notifications turn off chesina waste ani feel avtey then delete social media apps like FB, Instagram, and gaming apps for some days. Addiction taggeyvaraku ila cheyyadam better anthaga FB, Instagram use cheyyali antey better use system for a while not in mobile.

4. Make a hobby!

Get Rid Of Your Smartphone Addiction

Mobile ni adey paniga vadthunnam ani feel avthey, max silent mode lo petti Tv chudadam, books chadavadam, family members tho indoor games adadam and vallatho time spend cheyadam lantivi better diversion things all we can do. Fidget spinner and Rubix cube lantivi habituated cheskuntey definite ga konchem use untundi.

5. Keep mobile away from you as much as possible.

Get Rid Of Your Smartphone Addiction

Work cheseppudu, night padkuney mundu and intlo edaina work chethunnapudu max mobile ni other room or konchem distance or some desk lo pettadam vallana kuda konchem use untundi.

6. Dont use mobile as your alarm and use wrist watches.

Get Rid Of Your Smartphone Addiction

Morning wake up avvadaniki manalo chala mandi mobile lo ney alarms petkovadam lantivi chestha untaru. Ala cheydam mobile addiction ekkuva aiyye chances unnai. And time chudaniki ani cheppi mobile tistaru but time chudadam manesi mobile lo edo oka app open chesi ala daniki stick ipotharu so better use wrist watches.

7. Make yourself busy with other things to do.

Get Rid Of Your Smartphone Addiction

Boys avtey gym session, friends tho ekkuva spend cheyyadam (not in mobile texts), outdoor games adadam. And girls avtey intlo untey paintings, quilling art, and cooking things are better ways to avoid mobile addiction.

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