7 Weird Things That Girls Do And Guys Love


Previously, we discussed the things girls do, but guys love. Now, we are going to share the weird things that people do are completely and totally lovable. Check out:

1. The way you sleep1Guys-LoveYes, guys always love the way you sleep. It doesn’t mean you look adorable while sleeping. You make awkward faces also. But he loves you the way you are.

2. Playing with hair every now and then2Guys-LoveWhether you’re pulling at it, twirling, or touching it, there’s something about this playing-with-hair thing that men find cute.

3. Guys love the smell of your shampoo when you pass by him3Guys-Love

4. When you bite your purse or pen4Guys-LoveYes, we do them unconsciously, but your man also loves it.

5. When you get really embarrassed or very excited5Guys-LoveThough it is unbelievable, it is true.

6. When you do weird things because of possessiveness6Guys-LoveAt that time, he finds you super-adorable.

7. Your Lazy attitude7Guys-LoveYes, due to your laziness sometimes, you try to reach out things, without moving your body. Yes, your boyfriend loves it.