8 Times when actors played good and bad at the same time


Most of the times, a hero is always a good guy. And that turns with actors always playing good roles all through. It goes to such extent that the Heroes never play villains almost all throughout their career. But a few actors did break this rule. They did an experiment by playing bad against themselves. And if you take a close look, all of them excelled in this dual portrayal of roles. The movies might not have done all that well, but their performance did.

Here check out a few actors who excelled in both the roles and let us know who was your best:

Nani – Jandapai Kapirajuvillains
Ajith – Vaalivillains

Balayya – Sultanvillains

Prabhas – Billavillains

Kamal Haasan – Abhayvillains

NTR – Daana Veera Soora Karnavillains

Rajini Kanth – Robovillains

Krishna – Maanavudu Dhanavuduvillains

Jai Lava Kusavillains

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