8 Amazing Characters That Stood-Out In 2015


The year 2015 has definitely been a landmark year for Telugu cinema. It went more international than ever. We definitely got rid of the ‘100 days pucca’ phenomenon of every random movie that came in the way. Movies were watched and received well, even though they didn’t survive the 50 days or 100 days mark. Movies that made big were noticed, even if it was for a span of 3-4 weeks. It was a welcoming change for Telugu cinema and 2015 will definitely be remembered as one of the first year to do so.

When you look back into the year’s timeline, there have been some path-breaking movies and some awesome characters that came their way. This happens with every year. Similarly this year had its own bunch of awesome characters that have made their mark in Telugu cinema. Let us go straight away and check what were those characters.

RISHI (Yevade Subramanyam)


A lifetime role for the newbie, Vijay Devarkonda, Rishi was a character we rarely see in Telugu cinema. A flamboyant and ever exploring one!

ANANDI (Yevade Subramanyam)


An independent girl, a traveler always looking to discover new things. She definitely knew where she belongs to and was mesmerizing!

SIVAGAMI (Bahubali)


She was truly vibrant! Without being the warrior sorts, she carried the royalty of having a hold over both Bahubali and Bhallaladeva. Like mentioned, a perfect epitome of justice!

HARSHA (Srimanthudu)


A very composed character. He doesn’t do things in the routine way you expect. He has his calculations and measurements. Not even with the girl whom he falls in love with. He was aptly focused on what he wanted to do.

LAKKARAJU/LUCKY (Bhale Bhale Mogadivoyi)


A very common trait we all come across in our daily life is to forget. Nani pulled this extremely well. Just when you think he was going over board with his memory, he pinches you with weakness in the movie. That’s Nani!

GONA GANNA REDDY (Rudramadevi)


When he appears on the screen, he lights up the cinema hall. There is energy in every audiences eyes. That was the magic Allu Arjun cast on us. Just don’t forget his Telangana dialect!



Just the second movie, but you could see the amazing transformation Varun portrayed with this character. He was fierce yet he was disciplined.



One of the best female characters we have ever come across in Telugu cinema. Hebah stole the show completely with her jabbering and maturity equally.

If you feel we missed any character you liked in this year, please mention in the comments below.