8 Best Chai Places In Hyderabad That Every Chai Lover Must Visit

We all love chai right? Chai is one of those drinks which has become essential in our daily lives, this is especially true for Hyderabadis, Hyderabad is known for its popular for chai culture, people who visit Hyderabad never miss a chance to enjoy the delicious Irani chai, So we have decided to make a list of places which offer you the best chai experience, let’s take a look at them.

Café Niloufer

Chai PlacesOne of the most famous and oldest cafes, located in Lakdikapul, this cafe has made quite a name for itself. The café starts at 4:30 in the morning and serves its customers till midnight, the place is always crowded with people rushing in to order the chai which is – kadak – as the Niloufer patriots claim. The place is also famous for its Osmania Biscuits that go perfectly well with chai.


Chai PlacesSarvi has been serving its customers for over 50 years, and it is still going strong, even though they have become huge and gotten into other ventures, people still come back to this place to get a taste of their Chai.


Chai PlacesLamakaan is a great place to hang out and meet new people; the place is bursting with talent, as regular shows keep happening here, and on top of that, the tea served here is simply amazing, you should definitely check this place out.


Chai PlacesDostea offers a modern take on the traditional chai formula, the joint has decent varieties of chai like Ginger chai, Kadak chai, Spl. Masala chai and also a variety of food options like pizza and French fries. This small place really is a delight to visit.

Chai Kahani

Chai PlacesLooking for a great hangout place, which serves amazing tea? Your search ends here; Chai Kahani is an extremely popular place, especially among the teenagers due to its ambiance, the café offers amazing food that’s as good as its chai. You can opt for the all-day breakfast or omelets here, or try out samosa along with Ginger chai or Almond chai.

Café Bahar

Chai PlacesCafé Bahar was started in 1973 as a chai-coffee place and due to its immense success, it was turned into a restaurant, although the restaurant opens at 11 am, the chai-coffee kiosk opens at 4 am. It is said that thousands of cups of chai are sold every day. The place offers you a truly authentic Irani chai taste, the place is also known for its Osmania Biscuits.

Blue Sea Tea

Chai PlacesOne of the best places to try out Hyderabad’s Irani Chai, though the place is very small; congested and accommodates a very less number of people; you will still find the place always crowded with people. You have a limited menu such as Osmania biscuits, Samosa’s, Tai Biscuits, Sweet Bun.


Chai PlacesIf you are ever around Masab Tank, you should definitely check this place out, Taiba offers you one of its kind experience and some of the best chai that you can find in the city, also try out their biscuits along with the chai.

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