7 Best chocolates around the world


According to me, manishi kanipettina vatilo annitikanna finest thing is Chocolate!!!! Who don’t love chocolates andi? They are the best and romantic gifts for our loved ones. Mana friend oo, lekunte relatives oo abroad nundi vasthunnaru ante, manam first wait chesedi chocolates kosame. So e sari nundi evaraina mimmalni ee chocolates kavali ani adigithe definitely ask for these.

1.Galaxy cookie crumble:chocolateAlmost andaru galaxy chocolate thine untaru, but eppudaina cookie crumble try chesara?? First time ee chocolate taste chesinappudu I literally thought that I was in heaven. Chocolate aypogane kallallo neellu thirigay ante nammandi. Deeni gurinchi entha cheppina thakkuve. Anduke em cheppanu okati thappa. Immediate ga konukkoni thineyandi.
2.Lindt chocolates:chocolateLindt and Sprungil AG, commonly known as Lindt is a swiss chocolate company. Ee chocolate lo lots and lots of flavours untay. And prati okkati anthe awesome ga untundi. First time try chese vaallu aythe go with hazelnut and you will never leave it.
3.Belgian chocolate:chocolateChocolates anagane evarikaina first gurthochedi Belgiun chocolate ee. Meru mee crush ki em gift ivvala ani alochisthu unte, without any second thought ee chocolates icheyandi and see the magic. Meko vishayam thelusa, this chocolates gives you the highest form of pleasure anduke ee chocolates ki demand kuda oka range lo untundi.

4.Kinder bueno:chocolateIf you love hazelnut, this chocolate is absolutely for you. Ee okka chocolate mathram cool ga unnappudu kakunda konchem cooling taggaka thinte super ga untundi. It is a hazelnut cream filled in wafer. This is made by Italian confectionary maker Ferrero. Along with that white chocolate filling kuda untundi.
5.Raffaello:chocolateIdi kuda one of the famous products of Ferrero. Ferrero Rocher adaru thine unatru, but eppudaina Rafaello try chesara? Meku white chocolate ante ishtam aythe you will never leave this chocolate. Migilina Ferrero chocolates laga deenilo hazelnut undadu, almond untundi. And it is covered in white chocolate, enclosed in a crispy shell covered with coconut flakes.
6.Amedei:chocolateI personally love dark chocolates. Meru kuda anthe aythe definite ga ee chocolate try cheyyalsinde. It is one of the most expenive chocolates in the world. Anthe kadu, it is also the best dark chocolate in the world. So eppudaina ekkadaina deenni tatse chese chance dorikindi ante mathram asalu vadulukokandi.
7.Reese’s:7 - ReesesThese are most popular chocolate brands in the world. They are known for their rich taste. Deenni mana Hershey’s vaalle market chestharu. Sweet milk chocolate and salty peanut butter perfect combination edaina undi ante adi ee chocolate ee.

Thanks to the chocolate makers, who are dedicated to making these fine and delicious chocolates. I can assure you that chocolates can be best gifts you can ever give to anyone. Anduke eppudaina evarikaina aa gift ivvali ani confuse avthu unte, ventane chocolates icheyandi andi and wait for their reaction.