8 Best Dosa Spots in Hyderabad


Biryani is very famous in city. But apart from that, there are many other dishes too that a Hyderabadi craves for. One such dish is the Dosa. There are many kinds of it and available at many places. You get dosas at any point of time in the city.

Here are a few famous joints for the city’s best dosas.

1. Ram ki bandi, Nampally1.-Ram-ki-bandi,-Nampally
2. Govind Dosa, Ghansi Bazaar2.-Govind-Dosa,-Ghansi-Bazaar
3. Pragathi Tifin Centre, Hanuman Tekdi, Koti3.-Pragathi-Tifin-Centre,-Hanuman-Tekdi,-Koti
4. Lakshman ki Bandi, Begum Bazaar4.-Lakshman-ki-Bandi,-Begum-Bazaar
5. Sai Ram Bandi, Sindi Colony5.-Sai-Ram-Bandi,-Sindi-Colony
6. Delicious Dosa, Dilshuknagar6.-Delicious-Dosa,-Dilshuknagar
7. Rahul Tiffins, Himayatnagar7.-Rahul-Tiffins,-Himayatnagar
8. Dosa bandi in parking lot opp shilparamam every night.8.-Dosa-bandi-in-parking-lot-opp-shilparamam-every-night.