8 Best restaurants to have the tastiest fried rice in the town


Fried rice anedi oka Chinese dish ga ankuntam. But with just 1% of what comes from Chinese, we have added to it our own flavors and made our recipes. So ala we have many people who make their own styles of fried rice. Apart from what our mothers make, Bayata tinali ante here are a few restaurants that give you the best fried rice.

Also share with us your favorite place that isn’t there in the list.
1 . Urban Asia – Bandi Fried Rice (Veg/ Egg/ Chicken)1 Best restaurants
2 . Horizon drive in – Chicken Omlet Rice, Bandi Fried Rice2 Best restaurants
3 . Mings Court, Ohris Begumpet – Bamboo fried rice, Triple Schezwan Fried Rice.3 Best restaurants
4 . Nanking – Egg fried Rice4 Best restaurants
5 . Aromas of China – Burnt Garlic Pot Rice5 Best restaurants
6 . Street Drive in – Fried Rice + Manchuria Combo6 Best restaurants
7 . Santhosh Dhaba Jashn – Special Veg Fried Rice7 Best restaurants
8 . Mainland China – Egg fried Rice8 Best restaurants

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