8 Celebrities You Never Knew Were Roommates

Manam intlo kakunda inka ekkada una kuda..room sharing pakka chestham. Every month room rent kalisi pay cheyyadam, food cook cheskovadam, illu clean cheskovadam and okariki okaru help cheyyadam ivvanni chestham. Alage…mana tollywood lo kuda..there are actors who shared their rooms with each other In the struggling days! Chuddam mari…

1. Raashi Khanna and Vani KapoorcelebritiesRaashi and Vani were roommates in Mumbai and reports said that Raashi had encouraged Vani to get into modeling. Vani debuted in Tollywood with the movie, Aha Kalyanam with Nani and then got settled down in Bollywood. Hoping to see her again in Tollywood.

2. Trivikram- Sunil- RP Patnaik- KulasekharcelebritiesOkkokka field lo okkokka legend ..andaru oke daggara kalisi unte….bheebatsame iga! Now, I think we want to watch them together on screen!!

3. Nikhil, Chandoo Mondeti, Sudheer VarmacelebritiesKarthikeya and Swamy Ra Ra are some movies of this collaborations!! They have not released a film they worked together but their friendship continues! Touchwood!

4. NTR and T.V.RajucelebritiesA legendary actor and a fantastic director..kalisi unaru roommates laaga.

5. Ilayaraja and Bharati RajacelebritiesWhatte Combination asalu…some people are our all time favorites and we love them!

6. Chiranjeevi, Sudhakar and Hari PrasadcelebritiesThe late famous actor, a fantastic comedian, and the most famous actor!! Veellu kalsi unaru ante it is definitely a remarkable one.

7. Gunasekhar, Ravi Teja, YVS Chowdary7 - ravi tejaAll the three have now settled down successfully in their respective fields. And it is so nice to know they have shared their roomspace with each other during their struggling days.

8. Raghu Kunche and Puri Jagannadh8 - puri jaganathThe ‘Neninthe’ and ‘Deshamuduru’ duo have established their postions in the industry and it is so nice to know that they have supported each other in the past and always have!!

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